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“Tapas” Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawai’i

Music: EDM, Pop, Dance

Ratchet Level: Low

Cover: Free

My first time in Hawai’i I checked into my hotel. I was so relieved when I looked out the balcony and saw the gay flag across the street. I was unsure to how LGBTQ+ people were treated here in Hawai’i. After a long day of traveling and tourist attractions I popped in to check this place out. The venue is small and upstairs from another establishment. There was a staff member at the top of the stairs to check ID. A lot of people were hanging out at the top of the stairs in the balcony area. When you first enter the room is big with a bar. I got a simple drink. The price was very reasonable. There is a back room with a DJ, televisions, and tables/chairs. This was the dance room. It was a foam party. A lot of people were covered in neon paint. If I could change anything I would have participated in that. I didn’t stay long. It was nice to pop in and enjoy the moment. I was too tired from all day. When traveling picks up I’m sure this place will be packed.


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