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Club One (Updated 2021 Review) Savannah, Georgia

Ratchet Level: Low

Cover Charge: Free ($10-$20 Drag Show)

Music: Dance, EDM, Pop

After Savannah Mega Comic-Con I decided to pop in for a drag show in full cosplay as Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. I purchased the tickets online for the wrong night and the front desk was nice enough to accommodate me and allow me to attend the sold out Saturday show which I thought I got the tickets for. While this was happening a customer in a wheelchair was upset because it did not mention online that the drag show was not wheelchair accessible. Myself and a fellow soldier helped her upstairs to attend the show and she welcomed us to her VIP table seating in the front of the drag show. When I originally attended in 2019 this upstairs bar was cash only. Now they take card which is such a relief. The setup is still the same but the drag cast lineup was different. I was blown away! These new girls brought it, but my favorite is still Chi Chi. Her hosting, talent, and humor is unmatched. Her ability to control the crowd so everyone is having a good time while keeping the out of control bridal parties tamed. That takes a lot of experience and patience. Each drag performer was diverse, fun, and entertaining. There was so much variety. I was blown away at how fun everything was. I truly enjoyed the show and the drinks were great. The pacing and timing was great.

When I attended in 2019 the dance room on the first floor was always dead. Not anymore. It was packed. People were dancing and having a good time. The pandemic did not phase this venue. It is going much stronger than it was before. This visit was much better than any previous trip I’ve had. I now see why people keep coming here. I had an amazing night. I hope others have a similar experience.

Also since writing this review I have been back 3 times bringing more of my out of town friends to visit. They have all had an amazing time. The cast, the music, and experience. Just overall impressive. Chichi is still the favorite but everyone else did amazing!


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