Who is Shamel Jones?

Shamel "Sham" Davon Jones

Born: July 23rd 1993 (Age 27)

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

  Shamel is an international LGBTQ+ critic born number four of ten children born in Baltimore, Maryland raised by his African-American mother Shawn Thomas. Shamel's father is Jamacian-American published author John "Shakim" Edwards who has been incarcerated 26 years. Shamel started professionally reviewing movies in 2012 and LGBTQ+ clubs in 2014 and is best known for his tough reviews being labeled as "hating everything". In 2015 Shamel left Baltimore and enlisted into the United States Army where he currently serves as a Staff Sergeant at Fort Stewart, Georgia. He has  been assigned to duty stations in South Korea, Colorado, and Germany where on his free time he would travel to review big cities to include Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul, and all across America. Shamel is a former kickboxer and fashion designer for "Havlen Apparel" named after his maternal grandfather Havilane (pronounced have-len). In June 2019 Shamel graduated from University of Maryland with an Associate's Degree in Art and continued his enrollment towards a Bachelor's degree in The Art of Humanities. Shamel is currently in Poland/Germany on his third overseas tour and second deployment.