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“Central” Baltimore, Maryland

Ratchet Level: Low

Cover Charge: Free

Music: Variety

I was flying home to attend my college graduation ceremony and kept asking my friends what’s the best place to go? Though I’m a native I’ve been away for 7 years. Everyone kept recommending just go to DC, but one person told me about Central. Though it was a Tuesday I was still desperate to go out! What a pleasant surprise! The venue is really nice and it’s still located in the Baltimore Gayborhood down the street from where Hippo and Grand Central used to be. When you enter there is a bar to your left. That’s where everyone was. The bartender the the absolute best. He was very informative with all the questions I had about the establishment. The crowd was small and intimate. Of course I had to participate in Taco Tuesday. The chicken taco was the best I’ve ever had. The drinks were great. For music there was an app that allowed us to put which ever song we want on the playlist. You could pay to prioritize your song. The highlight of my night was singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” with everyone. I got some people to participate in some games of mine as well. The energy and vibes were amazing. Upstairs were restrooms as well as a dance room with a DJ Booth. This was the best Tuesday I could ask for. I’m curious to see how they get down on the weekends.


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