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“Chill Bar Highlands” Louisville, Kentucky

Ratchet Level: None

Cover: None

Music: Pop/Dance

I initially came to Louisville for a one time visit while I was in the area for work. I ended up becoming a regular for my month long stay. I’ve been to this establishment multiple times on different days and times for a variety of experiences. My favorite visit was karaoke night on a Thursday. My friend and I popped in while bar hopping on the strip. The crowd was small, but it had a nice intimate setting. We took turns singing karaoke. Everyone was extremely nice. The employee who’s name I believe was Shirley was extremely welcoming. That night was a great experience. During another visit I came on a Sunday for some day drinking with my laptop to work on homework. This time I sat outside with a very large flirtatious crowd. There was a variety of people with inclusion and diversity. This was another great experience.

Overall the venue itself has a small interior. It is dark with a lot of colorful lighting and art. The entrance/outside bar is very well kept and modern with a good number of seating and it’s own outside bar. It’s nice to see something like this in the front. When you enter the neighborhood it feels good to see this representation. The name fits the vibe and aesthetic of the establishment. I felt comfortable enough to bring my laptop and work while I sipped on a drink. This is a great vibe. With drinks I stuck to Angry Orchards. I recommend coming here for karaoke and to relax.

Big Bar, Chill Bar Highlands, and Nowhere Bar are all on the same block within walking distance to form their own gayborhood. There is street parking which was free after about 8pm. Everything else in the neighborhood are restaurants and private businesses; many of which have pride flags and BLM posted. This neighborhood appeared very inclusive and progressive. I had no issues walking between the different clubs and getting food. Between Chill and Nowhere is a street hotdog stand with a man who was very nice. I was in the area for about a month and would visit all three bars on the regular with three separate reviews. Your favorite international LGBTQ+ club critic; ShamelJones!


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