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“Progress Bar” Chicago, Illinois

Ratchet Level: Low

Cover Charge: Free

Music: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap

I came here twice in one day. The first visit was day drinking of course while catching up with a friend. There was a LGBTQ+ bridal party going on. The place had a lot of natural sunlight, great vibes, and music. Not many people were there, but that was perfect. The bartender was EVERYTHING. He recommended drinks, made convo, and had good customer service. We sat at a table and were served drinks like a restaurant. I appreciated that. The drinks were great. When I came at night to turn up this place was packed! It was a short line getting in with security checking IDs outside. The venue it self is long, reminds me of a New York style brick home. There are multiple bars and gender neutral restrooms. The place has a metal and wood design. It is very nice and modern. The aesthetic worked for me. The crowd was very diverse with race, ethnicity, and gender. The music here was great. I attended after turning up at a Nicki Minaj themed party across the street. All these bars in the gayborhood seem to work well together and give you different variety. Progress Bar had the more urban music based on my visit. Overall I had a great time and enjoyed myself. I was a little lit and don’t remember the quality of the drink. The bartender at night wasn’t as nice or like-able, but I guess that happens when dealing with drunk people all night. Overall the day experience was so amazing and the night was lit. People were dancing everywhere and having a good time. I’d party here again. You’re favorite LGBTQ club critic, Shamel Jones.


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