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“Atomic Rose” Memphis, Tennessee

Music: Hip-Hop

Ratchet Level: Low

Cover Charge: $10

Stop two on my summer road trip. I was surprised this place has a dress codes. LGBTQ+ establishments are usually come as you are. Regardless this place is located right outside of Beale Street which has an extremely high ratchet level. I can’t imagine the incidents that take place between the two crowds. Regardless this place is really nice. I did not get a chance to see a drag show. This review was done on a Saturday night in June around midnight. They is a host/cashier in the foyer. After you pay you enter a very large room with a stage on the far side and two bars on different sides of the room. I headed straight to the bar in the back and ordered drinks for my guest. The bartender was very fun and interactive and fed me an orange slice. It was super cute and fun. But the drink was regular. The crowd was dying down but it was just the right amount of people for me. This allowed you room to dance, take pictures, and move around. There were a few people on stage having their moment. It was a live DJ playing a variety of music and request. I didn’t get a chance to see the cleanliness of the restroom, but if it’s anything like the main room I’m sure it’s fine. There is a lot of seating and tables. The atmosphere seemed more catered to drag shows instead of an actually club to party. I could see someone wanted to host an event here. Overall this is a cute experience. This was one of two clubs I was attending tonight. The locals told me to pre-game here before heading to a more urban spot open much later because Atomic closed around 2am. The crowd was diverse in terms of race and gender. Next time I’ll be sure to pop in a little early to attend a drag show and update my review. Your favorite LBGTQ+ club critic; Shamel Jones.


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