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“Nowhere Bar” Louisville, Kentucky

Ratchet Level: Low

Cover: None

Music: Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance Mix

Out of the LGBTQ+ bars in the neighborhood, this one is the biggest and most “urban”. I love the size of the establishment. My first visit I stopped in early on a Saturday and got some chicken wings that were really good with a beer. They had just opened and I was the only person there. The staff was still very nice. My second visit was a Thursday night. The music was great and it were more people, but due to the weather it wasn’t too busy. My last visit was a Saturday night.

During the night there is security to check IDs and pat you down. There is a large outside area with bar access on the left and a gate to divide the right from left. On the interior it is the same. The right side as more of a lounge vibe with a bar, couches, tables, and a projector. The left side has two parts. The front area has a bar and seating with a pool table. In the back there is a large dance floor and DJ booth. There is plenty of room and I would love to see it during a major event. I love the unpaid tab wall for people who skipped out on bills. I also live the overall presentation and aesthetic of the establishment. You should try the barbecue chicken wings when you come here!

Big Bar, Chill Bar Highlands, and Nowhere Bar are all on the same block within walking distance to form their own gayborhood. There is street parking which was free after about 8pm. Everything else in the neighborhood are restaurants and private businesses; many of which have pride flags and BLM posted. This neighborhood appeared very inclusive and progressive. I had no issues walking between the different clubs and getting food. Between Chill and Nowhere is a street hotdog stand with a man who was very nice. I was in the area for about a month and would visit all three bars on the regular with three separate reviews. Your favorite international LGBTQ+ club critic; ShamelJones!


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