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“Charlie’s” Phoenix, Arizona

Cover: Free

Music: Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop

Ratchet Level: Low

The outside caught me off guard. Not what I was expecting. Regardless this is my second Charlie’s. I’ve been to the Denver location plenty of times and will be at the Vegas location soon. I was passing through on a roadtrip and stopped here on a weekday. It was “Drag Queen Bingo” with some event afterwards. If you’ve been to a Charlie’s before then you know the aesthetic. Wood interior with a western/cowboy vibe. The bartenders were nice, drinks were alright, drag queens hosting were great, and overall everything was normal. The crowd was diverse. Some were really into the bingo which was entertaining and others were just chilling. The bathroom was huge! What I did like was one of the host speaking Spanish to translate the bingo to the audience. I wish we had more opportunities like that, but it all depends on the demographic. After bingo was over we stick around for a little bit just chilling and talking. I would love to come on a weekend to see the full potential. The outside area looks like it would be a lot of fun. This was a cute night for a Tuesday.


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