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“House (After Hours)”Houston, Texas

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music: Hip-Hop, Rap, Bounce

Cover Charge: $15

So Friday night in Houston everyone heads to Belvedere which is a straight establishment taken over by the gays. Afterwards this is the place to be. The venue is located in a shopping center. Parking is $20 and I would NOT try to avoid it because tow trucks were on standby waiting for a slip up. Because it’s a normal parking lot during the day it’s very weird if you’re from out of town like me. I assumed someone was trying to get over on me, but no this was real. Now inside the venue is another story! The design is very modern, clean, and well kept. I was impressed because the outside was not doing them any justice. After you pay at the front you enter a big open room. There is VIP seating, a bar, and restrooms. The lighting was amazing. This place looks new on the inside like it was built and decorated yesterday. I have never been to an after hours so elevated. Marquette in ATL gonna have to step their game up. The music was lit. The drinks were great. The bartender did a nice balance of generous with alcohol while maintaining the taste of a cocktail. The cups were small but most people are already showing up drunk so they only need to maintain. Overall I had a great time. The crowd was very much black gay men with a sprinkle of women in the mix. I had the best interactions with the people I met. Overall I was impressed and would return if ever in Houston. You’re favorite LGBTQ club critic, Shamel Jones.


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