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“Six Ten” Little Rock, Arkansas

Music: Pop

Cover Charge: Free

Ratchet Level: Low

Last stop on my roadtrip. I had no idea this place was literally one block from my hotel so it was a breeze to walk. I did show up on a Sunday around 7pm in June. This is your standard gay bar as far as aesthetic. One big room with a wooden bar, tables/seating, room to walk, and a little room to dance. Music was being played in the background with videos on the TV. Today was more about the convos and socializing. I started by sitting at the bar and talking to the bartender. He was extremely nice and knowledgeable. The drinks were AMAZING! After while I started talking to the locals. These people were so nice, genuine good, and welcoming. I joined their table and was offered food and drinks. We had great conversation and played gays all night. The atmosphere was extremely welcoming. This is the type of LBGTQ+ experience I want people to have. I was embraced by them and introduced to so many different people. I was taught the history of the bar and even recommended other hotspots, and people shared their memories and experiences. I travel and review clubs for a living. This is an extremely rare experience. Even when the bartender swapped out the next was was also nice. The crowd was diverse in terms of race and sprinkle in a few women. Everyone knew each other and was kind and respectable. This was just what I needed. I had about 6 different drinks with two of them being flavored shots. Everything was good. Unfortunately brunch or any food was not being served but they didn’t mind the outside food coming in. I would return here again and the future and I’m sure I’ll have the same pleasant experience. This isn’t a modern design or pushing boundaries. This is a grounded traditional place with a genuine experience. Many people will appreciate the experience. Your favorite LGBTQ+ critic; Shamel Jones!


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