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“Roscoe’s” Chicago, Illinois

Cover Charge: $15(Cash) / $16(Card)

Music: Pop, Mega-Dance Mix, EDM

Ratchet Level: LOW

Now this is what I’m talking about! Let’s start with the venue. It looks new or remodeled and very well kept. It has a very nice aesthetic. It’s located in Chicago’s gayborhood, but has no competition as the line was extremely long two nights in a row while the inside was packed. There are 3 different rooms, outside lounge area, about 4 different bars, and stage. I attended on a Friday night while their featured guest were Kandy Muse and Asia O’Hara from Rupaul’s Drag Race. Kandy Muse was in the top 2 and is extremely popular so to have her booked was a major deal. I recently saw Asia maybe two weeks ago in Philly for a Drive-In drag show; she stays booked and busy. The resident queen was just as polished and talented as her guest which was very entertaining to see. The staff was amazing. Top notch actually. There are staff members everywhere and identifiable with ear pieces for communication. Someone dropped a glass and it was instantly cleaned up. This place is much bigger than it looks on the outside. The level of professionalism was top notch. Each room has different music playing you couldn’t hear in the other areas. The bartenders were working and generous with alcohol while maintaining the flavor of the drink. Overall I am deeply impressed with this establishment and gave me a good first time experience in Chicago. I have been reviewing LGBTQ+ clubs for 7 years and am currently on tour. This is definitely one of the better establishments. The crowd was too diverse. Difference genders, races, ethnicities, and ages all across the spectrum. The fashion varied as most people were trendy, some were chill, and a few were serving looks. If you’re in Chicago this where you want to pop in for a good time! You’re favorite club critic, Shamel Jones!


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