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“Parliament House” Orlando, Florida

Ratchet Level: Medium

Cover Fee: $10

Music: EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop

This club was like some shit you see on a movie. The venue is a combination of an old club and a retro motel. Everything is a bit run down but the aesthetic honestly works very well! The neon sign is even missing a few lights, but it honestly adds to the effect. There are two entrances. One going to the club and the other going to the courtyard of the motel. Not much of an ID check and I just payed my $10 and kept it pushing. Same goes for the people in front of me. The club itself has multiple rooms each with different music and a bar. I paid $7 for a nasty cup of cranberry and vodka. I don’t remember seeing a DJ anywhere but at the same time it was A LOT going on. This place was packed and people were dancing everywhere. I attended during a Mardo Gras event. The venue itself has just about everything painted black with minimal seating area and a lot of open space for the dance floor. There were TVs playing music videos to match the songs being played. Outside there was a pool with many chairs and a big stage. I had just missed the parade and performance since I arrived at 1am. The bottom of the motel is covered. I didnt see the place listed online, but you’re allowed to rent a room. The lower legs of the hotel has sex stores and a bar called “Bear Den” inside is a small venue with a bar where bearable hangout. It was more socializing going on there. People were everywhere. It was extremely interesting. I can see this place being used to shoot a scene on a movie. The crowd was very diverse and everyone seemed to be having a good time. There were many dance battles happening as well which is always entertaining. #OrlandoStrong I would tighten security here just for safety reasons. Other than that if you’re in Orlando this is where you want to be.


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