“Gay 90s” Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ratchet Level: LowCover Charge: $5 (cash/card chip only) Music: Hip-Hop/Pop My first club review of 2020 and the bar has been set HIGH. This club completely caught me off guard. Your favorite international club critic has been busy with military training. I got to sneak off into town and have some fun. Everything was completely random. While checking into the cheapest hotel I could find downtown, someone waiting in line recommended this venue which was ironically directly across the street. (I stayed at AC Hotel). I first popped in around 8pm to chat and get an idea of Saturday night life. The front informed me I was allowed free room entry in partnership of the hotel I was staying and to return after 1130pm when the crowd was at its peak. The line remained long, but did a good job progressing. Outside there are multiple security guards actually checking IDs, metal detectors, and padding people down. There is paid parking right next door or street parking. A police station is also next door. Based on the name I was expecting some hole in the wall cliché gay club. This place is the complete opposite! Room 1: After paying at the front desk you cross a door into the first room. This room had a big dance floor, bar, stage, cages for dancing, flashing lights, and a DJ. This room alone was majority of the clubs I review. The DJ jumped between all the modern hits from Latin music, rap, and pop. The drinks were only $6 and the service was fast. The crowd in this room was really diverse but mostly straight people dancing. I spent most of my time dancing, but we will get into that later. Room 2: If you make a left when entering room one you end up here. The second I entered the room there was a twink go-go dancer shaking every little bit of ass he had. This was the most memorable moment both hilarious and free. This room was the more urban ratchet side. It had its own bar and back lounge for food (the back lounge could be considered its own room but I didn’t go through the door to check it out). The DJ was upstairs in a partition (so no request). Saweetie, City Girls, Megan, Future, Drake and all the other popular rap songs played in here. I was super lit in this room. Dudes had no problem shooting their shot and the crowd was turned up dancing and rapping. There was a equal ratio of males and females here. This was honestly my favorite room, but I had a 3 songs rule to keep jumping rooms after dancing to 3 songs. Room 3: This was the last room on the first floor. The music was low and there were a lot of arcade games and seating. The setting was extremely cute. If I wasn’t trying to get lit I would have spent more time here. I saw friends and couples teaming up on games. Upstairs was two additional rooms! Room 4: Lesbian bar! Stage, poles, DJ, seating, and dance floor! The vibe here was completely different. I turned up for a lil bit here. The music was amazing. I didn’t feel like my presence was unwanted. The women were nice and spent time dancing with me. Shout out to the girl doing the worm to “My Type” it was entertaining and funny to say the least. Room 5: Full on drag stage! The stage is huge with a lot of seating and a bar. There is also an open room here with a pool table and bar. There was a drag show going on with queens constantly performing. I watched two of them, but I was more interested in dancing. The host kept the crowd entertained and you couldn’t hear anything for downstairs. Overall this place is amazing. Each room could honestly be their own stand alone establishment. I partied from midnight to 3am! The drinks were only $6. I didn’t see any drama or fights. Each room was just a variety of people dancing having a good time. That’s what I like to see and experience. People were friendly with compliments on my clothes and getting me hype on songs to sing along and dance together. I would love to return here! They set the bar pretty high and I’ll be recommending.