“Stonewall Bar” Orlando, Florida

Ratchet Level: Low Cover: $10 (Cash Only) Music: Hip-Hop/EDM/ Pop Honestly when I ask locals about clubbing in Orlando this venue is never brought up. To my surprise I greatly enjoyed myself. Once again another cash only venue, but there is an ATM inside. (Seriously clubs its 2019. Modernize your business!) Regardless the first part is an outside area with DJ, bar, and food. The chicken empanadas were amazing! We ate two! The first floor had a drag show going on. Most of it was in Spanish and though I do speak it was just a lot going on. A lot of Puerto Rican love and empowerment. You either had the choice of stairs or elevator but the top floor was where it’s at. It’s somewhat of a rooftop but not really at the same time. Downstairs was playing pop and EDM and upstairs was all hip-hip hits. The crowd was diverse for the most part with about 90% male. The drinks were purchased by a friend so I am honestly unsure by a price. Nothing special just vodka cranberry from me. The bartenders were cool. There was a go-go dancer jumping between floors performing. Overall I had a great time. I spend majority of the time upstairs dancing. My complaints are the heat (NO A/C and the cash only cover charge. This was stop one before hitting Parliament House. I wish I would have stayed longer than the hour that I did. When in Orlando I will be returning.