“My Sister’s Room” Atlanta, Georgia

Ratchet Level: Low Cover: Free (Upstairs) Music: Hip-Hop This is a quick review and I am excited for this because it is my first lesbian establishment to review. My friends and I were headed to a spot we found out was closed so we came here instead. Security checked our IDs and pat down then we entered. We passed the cashier so I though it was a free night. This place is small and cute. The DJ was blasting Megan the Stallion while actually interacting with the crowd. I danced for a bit and tried to go downstairs only to find out there is a cover and you need a wristband. I wanted to go so bad, but I was on the move to the next spot. I must come back and give a detailed review. From my time inside the vibe was amazing. The crowd was mixed and very welcoming. I did not feel out of place at all. This place had a personality and character to it. Until next time!