“Bulldogs” Atlanta, Georgia

Ratchet Level: Medium Cover: $5 (Cash Only) Music: Rap/Hip-Hop I had such a good time I came here twice. The location could be described as a little up from the gayborhood, but still in a central location. The first night I arrived at a reasonable time. Security at the front door with metal detectors they were funny, but slightly rude both nights. There is a cash only cover charge which is really annoying in 2019. The working ATM is a block up which makes it even more frustrating only to find out military get in free 🤦🏽‍♀️. There is a strongly enforced rule of no bags (purses, Fanny packs, etc). This helps stop drugs and weapons from entering the facility, but I promise you with the right tuck they are still inside. If security was more thorough with their searches this would not be needed and makes the establishment come off as ghetto (in my opinion). Regardless let’s break down this club. The club is more long than wide. When you first enter there is a long bar to your left and a small dance floor to your right with open space. The drinks were nasty, strong, and inexpensive. The club was extremely packed both nights so I would recommend hiring more bartenders. It’s officially a hot boy/girl summer and the DJ did their thing playing all the popular and latest hits from Cardi B, Megan the Stallion, Nicki Minaj, City Girls, and Saweetie. The music was perfect and set the vibe. The dance floor was extremely packed. The venue is very hot with a handful of fans. A short distance from the dance floor are cowboy like restrooms which was off but what ever. Now that I think up it the place looks like an old wooden country club painted black. There is a kitchen inside. We ordered some wings. I was drunk so of course they were delicious. Heading towards the back is another bar and pool table. No one was really playing pool it was more of a standing spot for older gentlemen. There was security in the middle to keep the runway clear. As I mentioned before both nights this place was extremely packed. Outside is a whole new vibe. There was a bar, spades game, going on, and teas being exchanged. This is where you could get a better look at the eye candy. There were no fights or drama. The line remained wrapped around the building all night. Guys were nice (even got us Jell-O shots). Majority of the crowd were black men with women sprinkled in between. The age varied to be honest. Other than it being extremely hot I had an amazing time. If you’re in Atlanta I would come here between 1130pm-2am for a turn up then head to “The Marquette” for after hours. This was the real ATL vibe and experience I wanted as my two previous trips portrayed the scene as more pretentious and look queens. People were actually dancing and lit. Until next time (hopefully I earned my peach by now) Your favorite international club critic; Shamel Jones.