“The Eagle” Baltimore, Maryland

Cover: Free Music: EDM Ratchet Level: Low Quick review! I was turning up at #TheCrown for @RovoMonty birthday and decided to pop in. The club is located on Charles Street which is becoming a gentrified neighborhood and more artsy over time. The venue has two levels. Modern design with new furniture in, the first floor has a very large bar, small dance floor, and details/decorations. I did a walk around and did not get a chance to grab a drink. The venue has a/c booming which was greatly appreciated as today was over 90 degrees. It was not much of a crowd going on downstairs so I decided to head upstairs. Upstairs had a crowd. There was a runway for the drag queens performing. It was also very cold and ventilated. The crowd was hype and I was feeling it. It was a cute walk through but I didn’t live for the music. I would come back and give them more time for detailed review. It peaked my curiosity. The crowd was slightly diverse. For the most part white gay males, a few minorities mixed in, and a few straight couples. Street parking and a security guard at the front door. While walking around there was staff sprinkled around. There was actually a DJ which I honestly don’t see at most small gay clubs. Until next time, your favorite club critic Shamel Jones.