“Bourbon Street Pub and Parade” New Orleans, Louisiana

Cover: Free Music: Pop/EDM Ratchet Level: Low This is the first gay venue on Bourbon Street when you exit the “straight” side so the stakes were high. Right now there is construction going off in the middle of the street so everything is blocked off and I know that’s bad for business. I actually came here twice. The first time was with two friends during the day time and we grabbed drinks from downstairs. Our drinks were horribly mixed and we just hung out playing “Heads Up”. The venue is big but the bar takes up most of the place. There are stools around the bar, small televisions, and stools against the wall. The restroom was clean for an establishment in Bourbon Street. Upstairs there is another bar. When I came back the second time I got a drink from up there. It was much better. There is a stage and balcony upstairs. Through out the entire place there is just music playing on a playlist with videos to match. Overall the place has a traditional bar setup. Nothing modern or innovative. I should have returned here during the night time to get a different perspective, but I felt as if I wasn’t missing anything since I was underwhelmed here during both visits. I did visit the other bars in the strip but they all follow the same formula. You’re not missing anything... trust me. More reviews from your favorite international club critic; Shamel Jones.