“The Honey Pot” Tampa, Florida

Ratchet Level: Medium Cover Charge: $5 (cash only) Music: Hip-Hop/Rap/Pop/EDM This weekend was randomly Tampa, Florida’s pride. It seems a little early in the season, but the weather is perfect so it doesn’t really matter. I was invited on this trip last minute so I didn’t have time to do research and schedule a review. Downtown Tampa has a main strip of clubs and bars. There are honestly at least 5 other LGBT establishments in the same mainstream area that gives you a diverse crowd. I missed the pride parade and arrived downtown around 11pm. The line for this club wrapped around the block. No other venue had this many people. Most of the other gay bars and clubs were damn near empty. The crowd either went here or to a straight club with decent music. The line was too long for my liking so I ended up coming back around 1:30am. The line was much shorter. While waiting in line a group of gays was arguing and trying to fight someone inside the club who was in the upstairs balcony. “How are you hating from outside of the club? You can’t even get in!” Security outside just ignored them and focused on checking IDs and providing wristbands. There is also a large amount of police downtown patrolling. Regardless it’s my time to go in to find out it is cash only with no ATM. The cashier was very rude about it. We waited in the foyer while a friend of mine ran to the ATM. Once you pass this part through double doors you’re right in the party. The venue is a huge open space with a DJ on the far right corner and two bars on the left and front. Majority of the club is a dance floor with platforms to dance. There was a mix of go-go dancers and just drunk people on stage feeing their beat. The DJ was actually mixing music and controlling the crowd with a mixture of tracks. Drinks were cheap; only $5 and they accepted card. Nothing special I just Got a vodka&cranberry. The place was extremely packed. It seems well kept and modern with unique light fixtures. I didn’t get a chance to go upstairs because I was busy dancing. There was trash all over the floor to include condoms, cups, tissue, and everything else in between. The crowd was a little too packed to have someone come though and clean but geez. I was constantly stepping on things. Security had constant patrols around the club and were rudely pushing though people. I got knocked by them a couple of times. I recommend just having an overlook. It’s not good to keep rudely pushing through a crowd of drunk people like a corn field. The crowd was very diverse from drunk gays to drunk girls of all shapes, colors, and sizes. No one was really dressed up. There were a couple of straight guys sprinkled in between to attempt to hit on girls. Overall I had an amazing time here. I would love to return on a normal weekend and see the normal crowd and explore the entire venue. Your favorite club critic Shamel Jones.