“PT’s 1109/The Capital Club” Columbia, South Carolina

Ratchet Level: Low Cover Charge: $5 (+21) Music: Diverse After I parked downtown I was initially headed to PTs. While walking I saw Capital and mistook it for PTs and decided to go in. Capital is on a small strip with other bars/clubs next door. I arrived around 1am and there was a drag show going on. The drag queen performing decided to go outside and perform on the street. Bold. The venue itself I didn’t explore too much. Everything was wood for the most part, mirrors on the wall, one bar, and everything else was tables/chairs with a walkway between the seating and the bar. I stayed for a little watching the show but I wasn’t too impressed and decided to head to PTs. The two venues are 2 minutes away from each other just divided by a parking lot. PTs you must cross the parking lot or down an alley. There is a staircase with back patio. That is the entrance. Everyone seemed to be cutting up on the patio. I paid the cover and decided to enter. The venue is very small. One one with mirrors on the wall and wood painted black. The place was empty. There was a bar with some tables, but the place was mostly an open dance floor. People said they were waiting for the drag show. Per my experience drag shows are early then the partying begins. The focus at both establishments seemed to be the drag show. With Capital the crowd was mixed with women and gays. With PTs it was all gays. Both places were boring and nothing special. They gave me the vibe of a safe haven back in the day for gays to conjure. Both are located downtown surrounded by establishments who’s crowd must be use to seeing us in passing. Ehhh overall with Columbia and Charleston I am not impressed with the South Carolina LGBT club scene. Your club critic Shamel Jones.