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“Southern Nights” Orlando, Florida

Ratchet Level: Low Cover Charge: $10(+21)/$20(+18) 

                           Cash Only Music: EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop Let me start by stating I am excited to be here and witness the #OrlandoStrong first hand. I arrived around 1am. Outside there are police officers on duty as well as metal detectors before entry to put some skeptics at ease to the Orlando LGBT club scene. After the ID check you get a re-entry stamp. The front door is nice enough to put the stamp on your wrist band (if you’re +21) because lord knows they are a pain to wash off. Throughout the night I kept discovering different rooms. Each had a bar and DJ. The DJs were actually mixing music. The venue itself if very basic with everything painted black, flashing lights, and simple floors. Drinks were only $5 ($7 with card). The first bartender did a great job, but the second made a drink so bad I went back to the first to doctor it up. The main dance floor is very slippery due to heat, sweating, and drinks. So I would be careful there. It was fans all over and the doors were open for air flow. Outside of the theater room for performances there very little seating areas. This is the place to socialize and dance. There are many staff members on duty constantly picking up trash and keeping the place clean. I was impressed with that. To my surprise @YvieOddly whom made her Rupaul Drag Race season 11 appearance this week was hosting tonight. In addition there are celebrities coming each week for many weeks out. I jumped from room to room dancing and people watching. The crowd was extremely diverse. My favorite part of the venue is the gated outside area. Not just because they played hip hop, but it also connected to a bar in the same complex. Overall it was a fun night. Don’t bother dressing up the vibe is very relaxed night out with drinks and dancing. Until next time. More reviews on

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