“Aurum Lounge” Atlanta, Georgia

Ratchet Level: High Price: $20 (Cash Only) Music: Rap I had such a bad experience last night in the ATL club scene I wanted to step out again to see if this was a consistent vibe. It was.... Before stepping into the club there is a Taco Bell across the street. I honestly had more fun in Taco Bell with some college kids leaving the club than I did at Aurum. I walked in about 12:30am. $20 cover charge of cash only with an ATM inside. I should have knew something was up because I was the only person in line. When I went inside (escorted by security to the ATM) the place was pretty much empty. I figured since ATL clubs close at 3am that I may have been a bit early so I decided to stay. The venue itself had one bar, one bathroom (with a line of doors for the stalls), and one dance area. Either people in ATL really like to sit down or clubs here make most of their profit from VIP because 80% of the club was sections to sit. Everyone was in small groups scattered around. No one was dancing either... I went to the bar for a crown and coke. My drink was $10. The bartender place barely anything in my cup then splashed it with coke. My cup wasn’t even half full when she finished. I asked for more coke and all she did was grab a can and place another small splash. Not sure what type of vibe she was on, but it was tacky. All the bartenders and workers were female in red leotards and body suits. The drink and service was trash. The host on the mic was sitting in a section on his phone. I was there until about 2am. He never got out of his seat and would occasionally speak on the mic “aye” or do some of the lyrics to a song. The DJ was great though. The club itself had unique light fixtures which was a nice touch, but that was about it. Not sure why the drinks were being made with cans. Most bars have a pump for mixed drinks. The host never getting up or engaging was late. I’m done with the club scene here. It’s just glitter over shit tbh. The best part of the club is when I left and went back to Taco Bell. More college kids encounters as well as an interesting karaoke session in my Uber home. The best part of the club is not being at the club at all.