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“Compound (First Friday’s)” Atlanta, Georgia

Ratchet Level: Medium Price: $20 Music: Rap/Trap/Hip-Hop I’m disappointed and underwhelmed! I am on the final leg of my tour and I timed things just right for my arrival to Atlanta. This is my first time here actually. I heard so much about the LGBTQ+ club scene here. Last night did that reputation NO JUSTICE. The venue itself was very nice. Outside there is a slow security line, but their process is effective on keeping the club safe. I didn’t like that the venue did not accept credit as payment for the cover charge, but they did take cashapp. I’m torn about that because it is convenient, but also slightly ghetto. Regardless I got in. The first part of the club is a very nice outside seating area where you can still jam to music and relax if the weather permits. Then you actually enter the next part of the venue. Very modern with somewhat of a Miami feel. Not sure if the club is new or just up to date on renovations. The main room is very big almost shaped like a cross with bars and VIP seating areas on each end. There was 2 more rooms. One being a large room down a flight of stairs with a bar in each room. This large room was covered in different seating sections. It was extremely packed with people even standing on top of the tables. You could only walk around the edge of this room. Now here is my major issue. The music was super lit and the club was extremely crowded. The crowd was 100 men to every 2 women/transwomen. Everyone had on their designer garments (but were not serving overall looks) and NO ONE was dancing. There were also local celebrities casually walking around too. This was a club full of people walking around, talking, and pretending to be lit on social media. It was so bougie like maintaining a false image. I felt people were there to say they were there. I danced and about two other dudes did, but honesty that is it. When I asked about it I was told that is the norm. This can not be the standard. There is so much potential here. Too much potential actually. I tried to get as drunk as I could to take the edge off the boredom. The first bar only had a brand of liquor I had never heard of. I assume the club has a deal with this brand. My drink was $11 and nasty. So nasty I went to a different bar to have it fixed. After that drink I got one from outside. I asked for brown and coke. She gave me Hennessy... in America there is a major upcharge for popular drinks like Hennessy, Patron, and Ciroc. (During my summer European tour there is no upcharge....) regardless I paid it. I will take the L and say I should have been specific. She was just trying to make as much money as possible. I partied from 12am til 2:20am and called my UBER before the club let-out because I didn’t want to deal with the crowd (and the dudes were after me). I’ll be going out tonight to see if this is a consistent thing. I’ll keep you updated. 

P.S. I left the club with my clothes smelling like smoke and weed. Withers it’s legal to smoke here or the venue just doesn’t care... This isn’t a good look 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

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