“Barcode” Richmond, Virginia

Ratchet Level: None Price: None Music: None While #PokémonGO hunting I decided to stop in for happy hour during my 1-night stay. I been on my LGBT Club tour for almost 30 days now so things are beginning to whine down before my last turn-up in Atlanta. This bar was the perfect spot (in addition to being ONE block away from my hotel). I entered around 5pm where I was greeted by the bartender. It pains me that I can’t remember her name because she was AMAZING. I sat at the bar and she introduced herself. As people entered she greeted them all by name. She genuinely conversed with everyone. She even remembered my name to make sure I was okay. I remained a fly on the wall during my review. The crowd was older and everyone was conversing in groups. I eased dropped a little just to get a feel for the crowd. The demographic was older white men. As people entered the bartender knew what they wanted. It was like watching one of those television comedies where everyone hangs at the local bar to talk shit. I had one drink and chicken wings. This was a very relaxed environment. No music was playing, just people talking. I was tired from my trip so I didn’t get a chance to return at night to see the change in crowd. This was a Wednesday night. The atmosphere was very comfortable. I was not hit on or harassed. It was a pleasant relief.