“Union Cafe” Columbus, Ohio

Ratchet Level: None Price: No Cover Music: EDM/Pop Long Island Thursday’s where the drink 🍹 is only $4.25. I had about three. The drinks were strong, and got the job done. Let me rewind. This venue is located in a gay friendly neighborhood, per my Uber Driver across the street from another gay bar. During the day it is a very popular restaurant. When the cafe closes it becomes a lit bar. It was raining so I was concerned people wouldn’t come out. That place was packed! Guys (and a few girls) were everywhere! Only a select few were dancing while most people stood around and conversed. This place is modern and well kept. I did not get a chance to view the restroom condition because after my second drink I hit the stage to begin dancing. There is a like DJ in the other side of a partition playing music that videos display on every screen covering the venue. The pop songs judged from old Spice Girls to new Ariana Grande. Randomly all the songs only played the clean version...This was still a cute night. The crowd not being very diverse though. The other side of the place was for sitting . I peeked over but even that was packed too. The staff is nice and the place is clean. Overall I got drunk and simply just danced. I made a few friends on stage whom had good vibes. I’d like to check this out during the day to try the food and another night to see consistency. No complaints here.