“Twist” Miami, FL

Ratchet Level: Low Price: Free Music: EDM 🤦🏽‍♀️ This shit right here is for the birds. Stop 1 on a 30 day tour; I am disappointed. This was supposed to be the Friday night hotspot for the LGBTQ scene in Miami, but this was just another cookie cutter club. Located on a strip of clubs and restaurants, the location is ideal. This club is +21 with ID check at the front. I came in very retro as you can see in the picture getting the constant question, “Who are you?!”. Once you enter there is about 7 different party rooms all with bars and possibly DJs. The music was very stereotypical gay music. Just EDM over retro pop songs. We tried drinks from two different bars. THEY WERE HORRIBLE! How can you fuck up a Hennessy&lemonade. We even consulted the bartender to fix the drink (which failed horribly). Each room was festive with lite Christmas decorations. There was active staff to pick up cups, but as far as the drinks on the floor those were constantly left unattended. That is a major safety hazard (especially on the dance floor). The crowd was white and Hispanic blend of males with the black boys sprinkled in between. I came with about 8 other black dudes. The music was so whack in addition with the drinks being terrible so I did very like dancing. I was over it after about 15 minutes. Arriving at 1am I stayed until 2:45am. (It never got better 🙄). Overall I am disappointed. I was excited to placed my first new stick logo down allegedly. I want y’all to invest in better bartenders and clean up the drinks on the floor. The music is terrible in just about every room. Give us some variety. Maybe a hip-hop room and a throwback room maybe? I’d even throw in a slow jams room. There is already so many different rooms. Most of them had the videos playing with the song to show this was a pre-made list. Wooden walls, basic furniture, and flashing lights covered the club. These are the basic components of a gay clubs. There were randomly females here too in small numbers. While in the middle of dancing the fire alarm went off. It was ignored by pretty much everyone. Everyone was openly smoking cigarettes inside so that would be my guess to the trigger. Im not a fan of the indoor smoking. It makes my clothes stink 🙄.If you’re in Miami you can skip this establishment. Nothing special or innovative happening here.... more reviews on ShamelJones.com