“Secrets” Washington DC

Ratchet Level: Medium Price: $20 Music: Rap/Hip-Hop Last stop on my impromptu DC tour after 3 clubs. I wasn’t ready! $20 cover charge that only takes cash but allowed CashApp. It was ghetto but I was actually here for it (I was a bit wasted). The first floor had a large dance floor with a bar. There was a balcony overlooking the dance floor. Upstairs was it. DICKS EVERYWHERE. I wasn’t tracking this was a strip club. My friend was taking me out to show me a good time while I was visiting. (Shoutout to Neville) The music was really lit as the place was super crowded. I didn’t get to explore the club afterwards. I got lost in the crowd greeting familiar faces and turning up to music. I’m use to strippers teasing, these dudes were full on nude and is shy about it. I like the boldness. Chocolate men in all shades and sizes. This appears to be the place to be. For my time there I didn’t see any fights or drama. Just everyone dancing or being cute. I would deff come back, but sober so I can get a full experience. If you’re a black gay male this is the place to be. I didn’t see any real fish. It seemed more like a club with dancing than a strip club. Overall it was just a fun experience.