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“NYX” Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: Hip-Hop/POP/Techno

Price: 12.5€

I wasn’t ready! I decided to finish my European tour in Amsterdam. I arrived around midnight to shower and head straight to the club. The locals referred Nyx to me as the Friday night hotspot. It’s located in the center of downtown on what appears to be a strip of multiple clubs, many of which rocking the rainbow flag. About a 20 minute walk from my hotel I was greeted by a door-woman who told me I was too cute to wait in line and bump me to the front. The entrance fee accepts credit/debit is a plus and is surrounded by small lockers for rent (and a good number of them). The first floor seems to just be the entrance and lockers. There are four floors each with two room. (The stairwell is a bit tiny though). The second floor has a bar and the main dance floor. The DJ was pretty legit and the crowd was actually dancing. Throughout Europe a lot of people don’t actually dance. The third floor has a balcony to overlook the dance floor and the other room being a party room with more urban songs. That DJ was even better! It was pretty packed. The very top floor was all restrooms with its own DJ. This DJ was playing all modern rap songs but was setup right in front of the urinals. People are very comfortable peeing in front of everyone. Kudos to the DJ. The second room was in indoor smoke area with a back stairwell to leave to the dance floor of the third level. Each floor had its own bar and I made sure to get a drink from each of them. I remain consistent with a Jack&Coke. They were all pretty stingy with the alcohol, but the coke was fresh. Germany will kinda serve you a flat soda. Paper straws are for sale and are recycled to help the environment. That was pretty cool. Shout out to everyone who showed me love last night. Ro if you ever read this thanks for inviting me to turn up with your crew. We shut the club down; it was a fucking movie! I partied until about 4am. The club was still poppin, but the alcohol was starting to get the best of me! By far one of the best club experiences here in Europe. The crowd was young and fresh. This is the definition of a college town. It didn’t smell like drugs or weed. I didn’t even see any clichés of people trying to sell drugs. Amsterdam I have to come back one day! 

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