“Raidd Bar” Paris, France

Ratchet Level: Medium Price: Free Music: EDM I have continued my trend of not Googling hotspots, but instead asking the local gay community before/during my visit. For a Friday night I was recommended Raidd but a number of locals. Opening around 6pm I stopped by the area to just get a feel and determine the distance from my hotel. To my surprise it was actually a gay district with bars, bakeries, clothing stores, and restaurant. The bakery across the street actually had penis shaped pastries. Though I didn’t grab an evening cocktail at Raidd, I was across the street at another establishment for Happy Hour. I returned to my hotel for a rooftop party. The locals told me don’t party until midnight. I got too lit at the rooftop party I actually fell asleep and woke up at 2am. I decided to say fuck it and still try to attend Raidd. It was an easy 45 minute walk from my hotel. When I finally made it I was quickly approved by drug dealers offering cocaine before I went in. This increased the ratchet level. Though they weren’t directly in front of the club, it was close enough. The security at the door was strict. He was checking bags and actually turned the couple in front of me away for being too drunk. He also has to use a buzzer to let guest in. Once you’re in there is an stairwell to your left going downstairs, and a door to be buzzed into on the right. I was let in to what was the main room. There was two bars in a very crowded place. It was nice to see it packed so late as I arrived at 3am. The DJ was higher up playing only EDM. The drinks were pricey with me paying 10€ for cranberry vodka. I guess that’s how they make the money since there is no cover charge. My drink was alright. As I sipped and danced a random buzzer went off. My prediction was foam was going to randomly fall but instead a dancer enter a shower blocked by a partition on the wall. He literally just took a sensual shower. The crowd gave him their full attention. I didn’t care to much for it honesty. I instead wanted to checkout the downstairs. There is a small lounge, coat check, bar, and restrooms. Overall I was bored. For this being Paris I expected so much more from the club scene. I have to say the German nightlife from my experience in Berlin and Munich have Paris beat. I left after there wasn’t too much dancing being done. The crowd seemed to be diverse locals. Some were fashionable and some were not. A sprinkle of girls in the mix. Randomly there were a lot of guys making out none stop. I’m talking full French kissing. On my way home I stopped by “Black Bear” a older gay bar for bears. I wanna give them an honorable mention. How was your Raidd experience?