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"Cocktail D'amore" Berlin, Germany

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music: EDM (Live DJ)

Price: 16 (Euros)

This venue gave me the German club experience I was looking for! I was referred by a local whom was a close friend with an #LBGTQ+ member in the Berlin club scene. We arrived around 2am after walking from a previous club (peep the other stamp on my arm). The line wasn't too long, but it did move slow. There was an express line, and based on my context clue it was for people who either RSVP or purchased tickets online? After about 20 minutes we get to the front of the line. (The club entrance is in what I describe as an warehouse alley.) The doorman/bouncer asked my friends and I to, "Come close". All he did was whisper the same thing to every group who came to the front of the line. He was inspecting to make sure everyone was above the age of 18, not under the influence (too much at least), and "cool" enough to get in. (Our local friends also gave us a heads up of appropriate German club attire which is basically all black with skin or an over the top costume. Please refer to modern American hipster cliches on Google). After he threw shade at a friend whom "looked tired" he allowed us to enter where we were greeted at a booth whom only took cash and didn't like the idea of us paying separately so we were force to cover each other though one big bill. The first two room is simply a bar. At the bar depending on the bartender and tip (or lack thereof) would determine the quality of the drink. As obvious American tourist (who don't speak any German) I am normally up-charged for what is already an overpriced drink. To the left and right different rooms with separate DJs, The right side has a bigger room with a more electronic/techno sound. The left side is smaller and down a flight of stairs. This side has no words to the music, but more of an urban style beat. Both sides have balconies to overlook the crowd, dance, and just sip on your cocktail. Might I throw in there is the common no camera rule (as I have seen in many German clubs now), but at least my phone camera was not covered with a sticker. Though I danced in both rooms, I preferred the smaller room. The crowd wasn't dancing much though. I've seen this is many German clubs where the crowd simply faces the DJ booth and sways side to side. Upstairs there are restrooms and a coat check. This all seems so simply but the venue was a nice size and the experience was great. The crowd was extremely packed in both rooms. My favorite part was the fire pit outback with all the socializing. I met some great people with cute convos. Shout out to the humorous men I met from New Zealand. This was not the stereotype gay club experience I have been getting recently. This didn't feel "gay" at all to be completely honest. I am recommending this venue to everyone because you will get a real German experience. Until next time Berlin. (The picture is dick stamp you get for re-entry).

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