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"Posthalle (Gay Night)" Wurzburg, Germany

Ratchet Level: Low

Price: 5 Euros

Music: Modern (Live DJ)

Posthalle is a venue located right next door to Wurzburg main train station. The first Saturday of each month they host a Gay Disco. I was actually referred here by my college professor whom has lived in Germany for quite some time. I decided to check it out last minute as I could not bare the sight of my roommate when I was supposed to be cutting down on nightlife and traveling. The building is in a warehouse setting. I could tell they made it smaller for this event. Because there are no gay clubs here I expected it to be a huge turn out. I was disappointed to see the little crowd that gathered. The music jumped from hip-hop to EDM as the DJ was on the turn tables. The drinks were over priced. I guzzled three Red-bulls/Juager and only felt a buzz. I was mostly a mean girl all night as I over analyzed the crowd and the venue before dancing a little. After about an hour I called it quits. I would had had a better time outside in the smoke pit having casual conversation. Nothing special here to be honest.... Shout out to for providing a photographer and capturing this picture.

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