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"Gay Village" Rome, Italy

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: 2 DJs at the same time playing EVERYTHING

Price: 12 Euros (Friday)/$20 Euros (Saturday, but they gave me a wrist band so I think I was forced to be in VIP or something because no one else was wearing a wristband)

I was recommended here by the locals gays on Grindr. They said to party here on a Friday. Gay village is located In the party district at the very end of a strip of bars and clubs. Honestly from my critiques and review experience I was expecting a stereotype hole in the wall. (No shade!) Boy was I wrong! At the end of the block is a wall tall enough to block views and stop people from jumping over. After you pay, you cross the wall and find yourself in a fucking festival! This place is literally a gay village. It is all outside. There are identical big ass stages with, with dance floors, and DJs actually on the turn tables. This is a huge screen behind both DJs. There are about 7 different bars. On the other side there is a tent with a game room and huge seating area. There was a karaoke section as well closer to the entrance with a drag queen host and personal karaoke DJ. Food vendors even have trucks and booths there too which makes getting an after club snack made soooo easy. This venue was on the level of some of the Pride block parties I have been to. This is crazy. It is all one open area, but when you leave the section you can’t hear the music overlapping so it’s like you’re somewhere completely separated. This place wasn’t close to packed but there is sooooooo many people. Variety of the LGBTQ+ along side our heterosexual counter-parts simply there for a good experience. I am still impressed. I arrived around 1200 and left around 0330 though the party wasn’t stopping anytime soon. During the DJ sets the host got the party popping with dancers and drag queens. There was so much going on everywhere, but not overwhelming. The music on both sides was opposite and refreshing. A lot of American Pop/Hip-Hop, Italian EDM/Rap, and so much more coming from both sides. I tried drinks from three of the bars. Either the drinks were okay or just down right horrible. Tipping isn't a thing in Europe combined with entrance free provides you with a free drink ticket. So the bartenders are serving a lot of drinks and fast. They are horrible. I had to think back to the movie "Player's Club" when Ronnie told Diamond, "Drink as much as you can handle as fast as you can." Overall I had an amazing time dancing. This goes down as one of the best gay venues I have been to so far.

I came back the next day because I was guaranteed a good time from the fun I had the previous day. Saturday didn't have as many people as Friday, but it was still a large crowd. I did more people watching this time. Not sure if it's because I'm foreign (and exotic to the Italians), but people were watching me making sexual eye contact. For the little dancing I did the girls (real fish) wanted to take pictures with me and put me on their social media. #CelebrityGoals. If you're in Rome this club is where you need to be!

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