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"Coming Out/My Bar" Rome, Italy

Ratchet Level: Low

Price: Free

Music: Diverse American/Italian

So these two bars are neighbors located directly across the street from the Roman Colosseum (which is a huge deal if you didn't know). The location made me extremely impressed that an LGBTQ+ establishment was in such a mainstream area with rainbow flags and all! I love it. Now lets get into the bars. I first walked pass them on my way from from Gay Village Friday night (see other post for Gay Village review). Everyone was simply standing outside drinking/talking at 4am. I assumed it was the let-out because of the time. The next day I decided to check-in around 3pm out of curiosity for a day party. When I arrived both bars were actually just functioning restaurants with servers, food, and tables outside. I chose to eat chicken wings and tequila sunrises at Coming Out. Chicken wings were just basic friend wingettes and the drink was alright. The vibe was chill as music played in the background as gays gathered for usual lunch to exchange teas and vent. After I was done eating I went next door to My Bar to try their drinks. The same drink was 2 Euros more which is weird. Both the venues are actually very small with bars located in the front. Upstairs is actually a LGBTQ+ Hotel/B&B. The bartenders I interacted with at both venues spoke English which was such a relief. This trip was last minute and random so I had no time to learn any Italian.

Later I returned to the area around midnight as I was headed to the club again. It was packed outside and I finally understood the concept. At night both bars play music and people gather around to hang outside. Not really a place to dance. Just gather with the gays. I got day party "Park in DC vibes". It was cute. Even when I walked by again at 3am people were still outside hanging out and talking. I think the location is amazing and the two bars (though basic venues) act as a gathering spot for the community in such a tourist hotspot.

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