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Lame Ass El Paso, TX Gay Strip

Ratchet Level: Medium

Price: Free

Music: Someone's Playlist

Honestly El Paso's LGBTQ+ club scene is whack! I was so embarrassed on how lame it was. As a disclaimer I was looking for events on a Sunday though it was Memorial Day weekend. In the East coast we have day parties, epeciall on Sundays. Apparently that isn't a thing in El Paso. Everyone calls it the Gay strip, but it's a half a block with a handful of bars. The drinks were good though. But one of the bars wouldn't even allow us to play beer pong. They all had generic names like "Epic" and "Speak Easy", but nothing was special about them. It is nice for gays to have a place to go and be around their culture, but they need to step their pussies up especially with New Mexico having "Effex" (whic is an AMAZING gay club). El Paso I won't even do individual reviews for your bars. The picture above is when I left the bars to a real rooftop turn-up with the heteros.

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