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Effex (Albuquerque, NM)

Ratchet Level: Low

Price: $10

Music: Diverse (A different DJ and genre in every section)

Honestly I don't know where to start. I have been all over the world and this is by far one of my favorite places. Shortly after I arrived in town I headed to central downtown to grab some local food. The club is located on the main strip, but I had been speaking to the locals about a great spot to eat and was reffered to Side Effects. Eating there (food was amazing by the way...) a guy came in with a security shirt for Effex Night Club. Not even realizing the place I was eating at was a restaurant called "Side Effex" and was connect to the club I planned on attending. It was my honest to god blonde moment. I introduced myself as a blogger in town specifically to review Effex. The bounce "Shawn" was so dope! He gave my an exclusive tour of the club and shared it's history along with future plans of renovations. It was very professional. Following our great interaction he added myself and guest to the VIP list. Shout out to Shawn for being very genuine and hospitable. After heading back to my hotel to pregame and of course change I arrived. I had no problem getting in as my name was actually on the list. This was Memorial Day weekend in combination with Gay Pride in some cities so it wasn't as packed as their normal nights but it was perfect. We headed upstairs to amazing music. The bartender downstairs wasn't the best at making drinks, but upstairs his co-worker was very nice about fixing it. The music was amazing and people were dancing (which is important for a lit club). After partying upstairs for awhile I headed out to the patio which was even better. Guys had no problem buying drinks and showing love. I had a great time. It was clean. Any spill or mess was quickly cleaned up. The biggest surprise to me was how much of an amazing time a big city kid like me had in a small town. I want other LGBTQ+ clubs (and all clubs period!) to TAKE NOTES! The crowd was diverse in a sense that heterosexual couples were there, primary Latino gays, and white gays; so you know they showed my black ass some love. Much appreciated! Will visit again.

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