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Moose Lounge, Salt Lake City

Ratchet Level: Low

Price: Free

Music: Modern Hip-Hop/Pop

Honestly the interior is there, I mean this isn’t some up to date perfectly decorated club, but it has the making to be a modern club. (A quick backstory) I decided to take a random road trip to Salt Lake City . Based off Jack'd and Grindr club referrals; this was supposed to be the Friday night LGBT+ hot spot! I was beyond disappointed. I don’t know where to begin . This club is located in the heart of downtown. It was so much hype for this club I decided to make a late Uber grand entrance (even though my hotel was less than 1 block away!). I arrive to a security guard with a modern scanner (no fake IDs in this establishment) and a posted dress code (which I violated by wearing sandals, but I was so nicely dressed it was paid). When I walk in all eyes on me. My guess is because I’m a new bitch on the scene in a majority white gay club scene with tan skin and flawless outfit . The drinks were ehhh, I payed $10 for a crown and coke. The only thing I was impressed was an American DJ actually using the turn tables . All his mixes were fresh unless he was putting on a great act. Outside of that people were leaving left and right. Maybe they need better promotion or there was a better place to be. The club was nearly empty upon my 12:15 arrival. What a disappointment .... major potential though.

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