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Price: Freeish (My military ID got me in)

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: Techno Dance

So I traveled here June 2017. I went to 3 clubs, the names I just simply cannot remember. No shade to them not being memorable. The first club I stopped at was at the middle of the city. I was honestly concerned someone would break into my car with the out of state tags so it took me awhile to park. After parking I walking into from the outside appeared to be a biker club. I remember paying a small amount of cash to get into this location. It was a small bar with packed table and an extremely small dance floor. To my surprise was a drag show going on. I sat at a table with a semi-attractive couple. We conversed a little and watched the basic drag show until I left. That was about it. I arrived to my second club. It was more in an suburban neighborhood with gay flags and such. Parking was easy. I entered for free because of the military ID. Inside was just basic techo dance music/ dance floor to the right, a bar in the middle, and pool table to the left. Nothing major with little to no diversity. The 3rd club seemed to be downtown. I did not make it in time because I did all these clubs in one night. The line was super long and the crowd was urban. I wonder what it would have been like inside...

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