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Club Babylon, Dallas

Let the record show I visited multiple LGBTQ+ clubs in Dallas, TX (popular spots like The Tin Room for example), but this was the only major club to stand out.

PRICE: $5-$15

Ratchet Level: Extremely High

Music: Rap/Hip-Hop

All the clubs I went to in Dallas were very generic following the same formula. I've been doing this for 5 years now so I don't have time or the energy to do individual reviews. The Tim Room was cute and had a nice pint exterior with a police investigation outside because as I was walking up a drunk driver whom surely received a DUI had crashed into the brick wall outside of the parking lot. Back on topic Club Babylon was the after hour spot I was referred to after not wanting the party to be over on both Friday and Saturday. This is truly a hole in the wall bar/former (maybe even current) strip club. The red light takes over everything with small rooms surrounding the main dance flood. Not sure if these are private rooms for lap dances or dressing rooms. Guys were deff receiving oral sex in these rooms. That's not my business tho... The crowd was all urban black. No diversity except for me bring my white friend, the crowd was living for. I literally had to guard him and claim his as my "boyfriend" for guys to back-up (same for The Tin Room honestly). Anyway it was like $5 Friday and $15 Saturday which isn't bad if my friends and I didn't pay for things in rotation. This plsce was super lit playing all the latest rap songs. What was the most important to me was them still serving drinks after 2am and for extremely cheap. I paid $15 for three very generous henny and coke. Maybe it's because we were the cute out-of-towners. Not sure, but if your're in Dallas and you're not done turning up; this club in some ghetto shopping center is the place to be after 2am.

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