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Denver, CO

Ratchet Level: Low

Music: Modern Pop/Techno

Price: $5

Every time I asked someone “What’s the hottest gay club in Denver?” I got the same answer! Tracks! This club has an amazing reputation so I had to visit and see if it were true. Its located 15 minutes from downtown in what appeared to be a safe neighborhood. I wasn’t concerned parking my car around the corner. I don’t remember getting frisked, but the club has a thorough ID check. My military ID got me in no problem, but the person I was with license didn’t match the state license picture they had in the “License Book”. They said the security was upped after the incident in Orlando. While waiting for my friend I decided to kiki with the coat check. She taught me some of the club’s history. Enough of that! I go up the steps into the main room. It was very big. There was a stage with go-go dancers, two bars, a dance floor, and a small VIP section. And that was just the main room. This room played more techno music. There was a smaller room with a bar and dance floor that played more modern pop. The crowd for the most part was white with a sprinkle of diversity. What I did enjoy was everyone being themselves. Drag queens, cross dressers, and everything in between were there. The drinks were okay. Nothing special! I did enjoy myself, but it wasn’t really lit. I overall enjoyed just enjoyed the community coming together. Tracks is the place for that!

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