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The Park at 14th

Washington DC

Ratchet Level: Low

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: FREE

This was a real day party. I arrived late as usual though! From what I hear and witnessed this is the Sunday hot spot. Not only is the club free, but you also receive two cards for 2 free drinks. Two drink in which I was already drunk from. It’s a no-brainer! The party is on the third floor so when you arrive you head to the elevator where an attendant takes you there. This club has a very nice image they are maintaining. The only problem I think the wrong audience got it. A lot of the guys (not all of them) were not my cup of tea. It’s no shade I felt my crew and I were the bait. But still the music was going off and I was drunk so of course I started dancing. The lounge was packed so I felt myself stuck in one section or fighting to get to the bar or restroom. I stayed behind the velvet rope (which anyone can go to) for a nice VIP feel because the platform is higher. I guess because the crowd was older I didn’t witness any fights or drama. I really had a great time with great music. Of course will be returning and recommend this lounge to others.

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