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The Paradox "3rd Saturday"

Baltimore, MD

Ratchet Level: HIGH

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: $15 ($25 Cutline)

I just wanna make this clear. The Paradox is NOT an LGBT Club. Every 3rd Saturday of each moth from 12am (which is technically Sunday) until 6am the Gay Community can come out and party which is honestly Baltimore's Urban Gays most popular party. People from Philly and DC always come down. It's no shade this club is very ratchet. There always ways fights and drama and very little security. This is a +18 event, but I have been partying here since I was 15. The VIP cutline for $25 will get you quick entry with no ID check making the club full of underaged gays asking for a rap charge. It's a cute place to go if your into the urban "trade", but keep your bougie friends at home for this one of a kind ratchet experience. Don't bother requesting a song with the DJ, they play what ever they want. Though its the latest urban tracks with a few throwbacks. It's the same music over and over. The club doesn't offer a bar. Instead there is a little stand in the corner that sells slushy drinks for about $5. There is a smaller room on the other side that always has a ball in attendance for a look into that lifestyle. I often frind myself very hot in the club constantly sitting down or going out to the courtyard for air. Watch you back the girls will try you here, and not just the shady kind.....No shade.

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