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The New Zanzibar

New York, NY

Ratchet Level: Low

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: $15 or $10 (I was drunk so I don't remember)

So apparently this club relocated in DC. Not sure why tho. I already arrived super late and was shocked to see no one was there. I thought with that Drake song being popular that going to the club on a Tuesday would do something. It was a disaster . There was literally no one there . The club is underground. The entrance is below a flight of stairs. You enter to a big open room. It was super dark . I saw little booths along with wall with velvet ropes. There is a bar in the entrance, but I don't know about the other side. The place looks more like a cleared out restaurant then a club. I had fun, but then again I was drunk with my best friend. Nothing special about the club. If I was to return it would be on a weekend to see if they are actually popping.

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