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The Fireplace

Washington DC

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: FREE

I could throw shade, but I’ll keep it cute. This is a popular legendary spot in DC. Well it used to be. It’s where the older queens go to hangout. Younger queens come here for sugar daddies or to pre-game before the club. Their drinks are inexpensive and will get you fucked up. There are two floors. First floor was empty and relaxed when I attended. Everyone else was upstairs. This place would be so much better with a renovation. Because I’m not a fan of older guys, this spot wasn’t for me. You do come here to dance. You come to drink and socialize. The restrooms were dirty and lacked any form of privacy. You are not allowed to take pictures either. My friend explained to me that a lot of DL guys come here and to make them comfortable and discreet, no pictures are allowed. I was over it. Lord knows I love taking a selfie. There isn’t much to say. Come here and get drunk. Just make sure you’re not messy or you may wake up somewhere you didn’t what to be.

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