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Palace Bar

Miami, FL

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music: Hip-Hop, Pop

Price: Free

I was walking down South Beach street when I ran into this bar. Boy was I surprised. In the middle of the strip by popular places like Fat Tuesday in a large urban section was an openly gay bar. This place was popping. During my time here it was an open drag show they brought in a huge crowd. Music was blasting and people were dancing. Palace Bar is the place to be on the South Beach strip. Attractive men and women everywhere. I decide to grab a fairly price drink for a minor turn-up. I didn't have to. Guys were buying me drinks left and right. There was a lot of security. The good kind to prevent any problems from taking place inside and out. Inside of the bar area was empty unless you were in line for the restroom. The real party was outside. Food and drinks were being served as everyone danced and watched the Drag Queens entertain us. Being on the South Beach strip the beach is directly across the street which is amazing. Palace Bar is a great place to be. I'll deff come back !

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