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Northwood Lounge (The Haven)

Ratchet Level: Extremely High

Music Type: Trap

Price: $10 ($1 Before 11)

Located directly across the street from Morgan State University is this hole in the wall. I usually wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this , but I wanted to support a very humble party promoter and turnup on a Sunday. It's located in a ghetto shopping next to a Save-A-Lot, Liquior Store, and Chinese Carryout. I pulled up to see the parking lot full of "thugs" hanging around cars witht he music blasting for the thots to pre-game and turn-up outside. I was a little taken back. I walk up to the security outside which made it a little better. They did a simple frisk and let me in. I was disappointmed to find out the entrance does not take cards and had to walk to an ATM for cash. The venue is small. as soon as you walk in the DJ booth is to your left and the bar is to your right. There are booths along the left side of the wall and tables in the far side of the room. I did like that there was a booth covered in a red light with a stable stripper pole. The lounge is in terrible condition and the crowd is super ratchet, but I did have a great time. The music was very modern trap music with a variety of artist. The bar does take cards. The bar special is 2 for 1 mixed drinks, but with the drinks being $10 they better have a deal. They didn't have my usual drink, but the bartender made me something nice. The club has about a 20 to 1 girl boy ratio. This made straight males attend taking away the LGBT even because there were so many girls. I had a great time partying here. Didn't receive any problems from anyone , but there were a few fights from the ratchets If you want to feel a little hood, this is the place to go on a Sunday night to turn up. They open at 7pm for open mic with $1 crabs and wings special. Around 10pm it turns more into a club. I felt VIP while dancing in a booth that had plenty of space which are a lot higher up then the floor. Not a spot for my bougie friends, you deff have to be street smart to attend. But have fun!

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