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New York, NY

Ratchet Level: LOW

Music Type: Hip-Hop

Price: $15

This event was a day party promoted by I’m guessing a local socialite. With a day party the arrival rules are different because of the time slot. I called myself arriving a little late to see there was no one there. This New York lounge has two floors. There is a bar on each floor. A security guard stands in the foyer to check ID. He wasn’t there when I arrived so the front desk did, and you receive a stamp on your hand. I did like the set-up. It had a modern feel to it with a bit of creativity. Waitresses come to your table for you to order drinks. That usually doesn’t happen at any of the clubs or lounges I’ve reviewed. We ordered a few drinks, all of which were horrible. These were the worse drinks I’ve ever had in my life. They were not mixed well and the juice portion still tasted horrible. From what I observed the first from was heterosexual and the basement was homosexual. The music playing was okay. There was a variety of old school and new school hip-hop. It was in fact very loud. I could not hear my friends talking even with no one there. Through time people kept coming and leaving. Closer to the end around 10pm (which isn’t even a day party anymore) the crowd was at its peak. We stayed until around 11pm where we immediately headed to the club. This was our pre-game turn up. With the horrible drinks and over priced party for such a small crowd I will probably not be returning. Not taking credit cards with no ATM really contributed to this decision as well.

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