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Homo Hill

Seoul, South Korea

Ratchet Level: Medium

Music: Techno Pop / Maintream Pop

Price: FREE

Welcome to Homo Hill! Now this isn't actually the name of a club or bar, Homo Hill is an actually hill of multiple gay bars. Yes, it is actually called Homo Hill. Located in Itaewon, it's in the center of one of the main party areas in Seoul. Homo Hill features about 6 different bars. I believe one of them has a dance floor. The most popular bar is "Almost Homme". Almost Homme is a little old hole in the wall bar. My friend time visiting I was disappointed so I went a second time. The host will lure you in with his outgoing personality. One time I saw him dressed in drag which was refreshing because you don't get that experience in Korea. The drinks are a bit over priced, but they are strong. The long island iced tea hit me pretty hard. The rest of the bars I don't remember their names. They are all completely different from the next. One of them had a dance floor and played techno music. I had high hopes for Homo Hill. It is literally a small alley on a hill in the cut of downtown Seoul. This was disappointing for a big city boy like myself, but with Korea not being accepting of gays this was as good as it gets and I appreciate it. There is a small variety of guys, not all of them are Korean. I heard it gets poppin after 1am, but my military curfew forbids us for being out that late. Maybe one day I will find out. For now I will continue to make cameos and enjoy the small gay community they have to offer. Hopefully sometime in the future it expands. One warning, don't go pass the hill. It is full of bothols and prostitutes further up.

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