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Escuelita (Escos)

New York City

Ratchet Level: High

Music Type: Hip-Hop/Latino

Price: $10 (On a Sunday)

I decided to hit up this club on Halloween 2014. It was a bit shacky. I randomly got there around 3am to surprisingly a long line. A line that never moved. Apparently the club was over capacity. My friend purchased advanced VIP tickets which meant nothing to the security. We had to wait in line like everyone else. While waiting a fight broke out between the police and a family. Advance tickets were sold online for around $16, but at the door the staff told everyone $40 which made a lot of people leave. Finally we get into the club. As soon as you enter the doors you head downstairs to a bit of a hole in the wall. A man is there to scan your tickets. While waiting there a glass bottle was thrown at us. It was paid. Finally we get into a messy club with a long restroom line. The club had a nice crowd , but was no where near capacity. I headed over to the bar of course for an overpriced weak ass drink. Latin music played for awhile until it switched to Hip-hop. There was a mixed crowd. Though it was ratchet I did make the best of it. Attending this party was deff a story to tell.

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