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Bethlehem, PA

Ratchet Level: MEDIUM

Music Type: Diverse

Price: $5 (Cash Only)

So I pull up and get out of my taxi and head to the front door. (I wanted a New York experience on this trip)

I could hear music , but all the glass was covered up so I could not see inside. I pulled on the door and it was locked. There wasn't even a bouncer. I couldn't find anyone outside so I assumed there were closed. Before I wasted my money by calling another taxi I decide to pick up a flyer and call the number on it. They answer and tell me to come around back, where there were no lights. Of course the ratchet level went up after that! I enter to find a old man at the door who couldn't handle an alley cat in a fight. He checked my ID. Like REALLY checked my ID under a lamp. He was confused as to why I traveled so far for such a wack club. I enter to find that on a Friday night it was Latin night. That brought the LGBT Latino community out. Though I am very diverse I was over it when all they played was salsa music. If I was a little taller my head would of hit the ceiling. The drinks were ok. The bar tender seemed a little new. By then I was absolutely over it and called my cab. When I asked for an ATM they sent me upstairs that I had no idea about. I was relieved to go upstairs to see a small, but diverse crowd listening to moden pop music. Upstairs was another bar and pool table and another room for karaoke. I wish I could of attended on a regular night, but I don't think I'm missing out on anything. If your LGBT in this town it's the place to go, but for a big city boy like me it's a PASS.

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